The Mysteries of 'The Vampire Diaries' in 1864

One of the many things I love about The Vampire Diaries is the dense, rich backstory from 1864. "Children of the Damned" was the second episode to provide flashbacks into the time the Salvatore brothers fell in love with the vampire Katherine, and it just added more mysteries and more mythology to the series. At this point, The Vampire Diaries could spend an entire season in 1864 and I'd be happy.

The latest trip introduced the vampire Pearl and her daughter Annabel (aka present-day Anna), a duo working with Katherine in Mystic Falls. Knowing that Pearl is one of the 26 other vampires in Katherine's Tomb opens the door to one major question: who are the other 25?

An even bigger question surrounds Damon. While Stefan was under the impression that Katherine used her vampire powers to manipulate the brothers, Damon showed that, even as a human, he was desperately in love with Katherine and wanted her to turn him. As strange as it sounds, proving that Damon was just as evil and twisted as a human is kind of sweet, because his relationship with Katherine, however perverse, seems as real and honest as the one between Stefan and Elena.

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