The Biggest Loser: Couples Episode Recap: Week 5

Can you believe a month has already passed on the Biggest Loser ranch? Last week, Miggy said goodbye to her daughter, and this week she suffered another setback - appendicitis. After waking up to intense stomach pain, Miggy goes to see Dr. H at the hospital and comes home appendix-less.

Also returning to the ranch this week are the Yellow and Blue teams. They were eliminated in Week 1 and are now facing off for the opportunity to return and compete. Before they step on the scale, Bob and Jillian let them experience what a real last-chance workout feels like and needless to say, both Yellow and Blue are not prepared for the butt-whooping they receive.

Time for the first of two weigh-ins. Blue steps up on the scale first. Vicky, who started out weighing 358 pounds loses 24 pounds and Cherita, who began at 277, loses 39 pounds. They have a total loss of 9.92 percent. Next is Yellow's turn to face the big scale. Sunshine began the competition weighing 275 pounds and loses 25, while her father O'Neal began at 389 pounds and loses 51 pounds. With a total loss of 11.45 percent, Yellow is back in the game. But kudos to Blue for doing so well on their own at home.

This week's challenge is a simple lineman's drill where each team must alternate hitting their blocking pads until they reach 1000 punches. The winner will receive immunity (as did Yellow for their initial winning weigh-in). The surprise of the night is how well Michael does, beating out the usual strong competitors Red and Gray. Coming in last is Pink who, due to their poor performance, gets hit with a 2-pound penalty.

During the last-chance workout, Jillian has a breakthrough, once again, with a contestant. This time it's Ashley from Team Pink who doesn't seem to be giving it her all. When Jillian asks her, "What is it that has made life so painful that you're manifesting your own death?" Ashley reveals that her she had to watch her father "die in front of her face" and also suffered verbal abuse from him because of her large size. She hasn't been dealing with these emotions, and Jillian wants her to finally confront them.

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