Bones Review: ''The Couple in the Cave'' Seaason 6, Episode 2 - Preview

On last night's solid episode of Bones, "The Couple in the Cave," the remains of two victims who died in each other's arms are found (you guessed it) in a cave in a National Park.

Booth is more taken aback by the apparent true love of the couple than is Brennan, but something a lot more significant comes between them in the form of a war correspondent.

If we were Katheryn Winnick, we'd get an unlisted number. More on that shortly.

The team discovers that Hillary Fuller was a recovering alcoholic and was spending much of her time sponsoring another named Felix, a migrant worker from Guatemala.

Who wanted them dead? The focus centered first on her boss, who was interested in her, then on a local, recently-paroled murderer, then on Felix's scored wife. Nada.

It turns out that in Felix's drinking days, he bought alcohol for a minor who drove drunk and died. The oh-so-helpful and needy park ranger, her uncle, had his revenge.

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