Lost: "LA X Parts 1 & 2" Review

After the fade to white that concluded Lost season five the general feeling from the fanbase was that the story could go in one of two directions. Either Faraday's plan worked and the season six premiere would be feature a reset with the former survivors on the plane or the plan didn't work and the premiere would deal with the fallout. There were those wild cards who suggested the potential of an alternate universe but I'll be honest, I didn't expect the story to go in that direction. Well, it appears as if I was wrong and that, at least for the next short little while, Lost will be told from two separate realities. It's an interesting gamble for Lindelof, Cuse and the rest of the writing staff. On the heels of a season that dealt with time travel, they now tackle an entirely different sci-fi concept and make it faithful to the story thus far, understandable and entertaining. After the first two hours I can safely say they've succeeded.

It was a rocky start though. The first hour threw a lot of punches right out of the gate. Taking copious notes as I try to do with every review seemed like a ridiculous endeavor after the first twenty-minutes or so. Simply put, there were plenty of "WTF" moments in that first hour and it was fairly difficult to keep up with the pace at which information was being delivered. Not only are we asked to accept the concept of these characters now coexisting in two different realities but we're given a ton of different pieces of information over the course of an hour. Little things like the strange scar on Jack's neck may be completely lost to some viewers who don't partake in re-watching the episode like many die-hard fans. Especially when juxtaposed against big reveals like the entire island being submerged underwater in a glorious display of terrible computer graphics.

Throw in plenty of appearances by various Lost alum and a couple of inconsistencies with what we originally know about Oceanic Flight 815 and you have an episode that demands rewatching once more and maybe even a third time. It's a simple issue of pacing and that first hour is paced poorly in relation to all the information that needs to be imparted to the audience. The second hour more than makes up for it, however.

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