Review: 'Lost' - 'LA X, Parts 1 and 2' (Season Premiere)

Did you hear that? That was the collective sound of TV fans across the country all brain-farting in unison. 'Lost' is back for its final season and I've gotta be honest -- I'm not really sure what to think about 'LA X.' In four or five months time, once the series has concluded, I'm positive I'll think differently about it. However, right now, 'LA X' was easily one of the most confusing hours of 'Lost' yet, and despite ABC's promos promising that "questions would be answered," all it gave us was a jumbo-jet (literally) chock full of new ones. Whatever ... I still loved every second of it.

We last left our favorite Losties as Juliet finally got Jughead to explode. The big question coming into the final season was whether or not the explosion would be the key to resetting events and allowing Oceanic 815 to land safely at LAX on 9/22/04. Well, we got our answer... sort of. The two hour premiere was split into two distinct threads, and as most fans predicted, one of them appears to be an alternate reality. (Lostpedia has already wisely dubbed this a "flashsideways.")

We saw events unfold on the island post-Jughead with no effects and we saw events on Oceanic 815 post-Jughead, but pre-island, with lots of changes. Of course, the question at this point is which side of the story is real? Did Jughead do what Faraday said it would? For argument's sake, and until we get some real answers, let's assume that the world in which Oceanic 815 lands safely is the alternate reality.

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