House: "Moving the Chains" Review Season 6, Episode 12

With this Sunday's upcoming Super Bowl and films like The Blind Side racking up box office receipts, football awareness is at its peak right now. So it makes sense that this episode of House is all about a pro football prospect getting ill and becoming the show's patient of the week. And if that wasn't enough, there were also a few interesting subplots where House was both on the giving and receiving end of pranks, skillful manipulation and other deviant behavior.

If you're like me (or the doctors on House), a football player having a psychotic episode on the field where he repeatedly bangs his helmet into his face would scream "steroid abuse!" or "multiple concussion syndrome!" But if that were indeed the case, the show would be 5 minutes long and we'd all have to find something to do before the start of 24. No, the doctors ruled out concussions and steroids pretty quickly and as usual, took the entire hour to figure out the diagnosis. Other than the rare symptom that caused all the patient's problems, this was a pretty by-the-book case and familiar territory to anyone who follows sports. With pro scouts interested in him, the player and his mom were more concerned with getting out of the hospital and back on the field than in making a full recovery. Not surprisingly, that plan didn't work out and the boy was brought back to the hospital so they could save his life.

There are tons of stories about slimy agents, morally questionable team doctors, eager family members and others looking out for themselves when it comes to sports prospects. Had they spent more time addressing the player's struggles with those outside influences, it would've made for a more interesting story, but realistically, that story belongs on Friday Night Lights.

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