"It's Funny When People Cry" Recap

Millionaire Brendan Synnott was blind-sided last week on Survivor: Tocantins, leaving his alliance partner Sierra Reed out in the cold. The promos for this week's episode showed Sierra as a sitting duck, a castaway whose fate was more or less sealed. But, of course, this is Survivor and nothing is ever certain, or at least the editors won't make it look that way. Coach Benjamin Wade remains alive and well on Survivor, which means we're guaranteed a handful of unintentionally hilarious quotes each week. I'm going to miss that guy. What follows is a recap of tonight's events. Please enjoy.

Coming back from tribal council, Sierra is pretty depressed. She cries, calls it the worst night she's had the whole time in Brazil. Somebody's a drama queen. "In love and war, it's kill or be killed," Coach tells Sierra. Let's parse that particular bit of wisdom out - in love, it's kill or be killed. Love? Really, Coach? What kind of relationships have you been in, sir? Coach meditates the next morning and gloats about being the Dragon Slayer. This is difficult to watch. Coach claims victory and generally acts like a total jackass.

Sierra is still in shock. She tries to justify locking in with Brendan, and writing down Coach's name. Tyson is a jerk to her when she tries to explain herself. Tyson straight up says he thinks Sierra is worthless, that probably only her parents love her and that her boyfriend is probably not cool. Then he tells her in her face that she's dumb, and that she's the next to go home. Well, then.

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