Recap: Episode 5.12 "4 Chefs Compete"

Tonight on Hell's Kitchen: Four chefs remain in the competition to become head chef at the Borgata. Who, out of Ben, Andrea, Danny and Paula, will have their jacket taken away from Chef Ramsay tonight? Let's find out!

After last night's confrontational non-elimination ceremony, Ramsay asks Ben to practice saying, "I was wrong." Ben is "destroyed" by all the criticism he's gotten from Ramsay. Andrea, too, is in the middle of a meltdown because the only reason she escaped elimination was her immunity from the last challenge. Paula tries to encourage her to fight back, and Andrea says she will be more vicious to win than ever before.

The next day, Ramsay collects the final four in the kitchen and displays for them a lesson in accuracy. He presents three dishes: duck, beef, and fish stew. He asks which dish each chef prefers, and the majority prefer the fish stew. He then asks them to recreate the dish--it's the "taste it, now make it" riddle that Ramsay says distinguishes the best from the rest in Hell's Kitchen. Little differences separate their recipes: Danny decides to use red snapper, while the other three use Halibut. Andrea uses bay scallops, while the other three use sea scallops. Paula uses water as her broth, and the others use fish broth. Andrea uses sambuca, while Danny and Paula use white wine. Each chef tastes the original dish over and over to try to replicate it exactly.

When time is up, Ramsay tastes each, and calls each of them delicious. He says the four are seriously good attempts, but ingredients will be the key. Danny was correct in picking the red snapper. Ben got the wine right but used too much saffron, and Andrea got the scallops way wrong. They're taken out of the running, and it's down to Danny and Paula. Ramsay says the thing that separates the two dishes is "as thin as a strand of saffron." Ramsay eventually chooses... Danny because he used fish broth instead of water. Danny is thrilled to have FINALLY won a challenge. Paula is pissed because she thought she had more correct ingredients than Danny did.

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