Recap of the Bachelor Pad, Episode 1.4 - Wetpaint

But this episode was not strictly about good times. Far from it, actually. Because the episode started with the housemates taking a survey, voting for people in certain categories, and then the episode's challenge involved having to guess which person received the majority of votes in each category. And to think that people say democracy can't be used for evil. The game seemed to have the most impact for Elizabeth, who was voted Worst Boob Job. There were seriously enough girls with boob jobs on this show to warrant a worst boob job category? You'll notice that there wasn't a category for the person who writes the worst sonnets. (And then someone would say something bitchy like, Nikki's sonnets are constantly falling out of iambic pentameter. Why is Nikki here if she can't even bother to rhyme her couplets?)

Elizabeth is also voted Most Shallow. That one doesn't seem to bother her quite as much, as she retorts, I don't even know what shallow means. A note to Elizabeth: If you don't know the definitions of basic words, then there's probably a good chance that people will think you're shallow. Wes is voted Biggest Jerk, even though he tells us that he doesn't know why. Uh, isn't it obvious? Does he also not know why the hummingbird got its name? (And by the way, if there's going to be a Worst Boob Job category for the women, shouldn't there also have to be a Smallest Penis category for the men? We're just trying to keep this thing fair.)

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