Sons of Anarchy Creator on Season 2: Family Comes First

Don't call Sons of Anarchy gritty.

It's not that the word doesn't accurately describe the show's bloody violence and testosterone-fueled moral darkness. Rather, Sons creator and executive producer Kurt Sutter just thinks the word has been used to death. And, Sutter says, all the gun-running and motor-revving is really just background noise to the show's family drama.

That was never clearer than in the show's 90-minute Season 2 finale, in which a son loses his father, a father loses his daughter and two fathers have their sons taken from them. The most emotionally gripping of those losses: Jax (Charlie Hunnam) crumples into the arms of his former nemesis/stepfather Clay (Ron Perlman), as they watch kidnappers speed away in a boat with Jax's son.

"There was something fascinating about finding some organic way to put the family in a crisis that they've never been in before," Sutter tells "You can see the look on Jax's face, the look on Clay's face, that what has happened to Abel is not in any of their handbooks. This season has been about trust and loyalty and testing those loyalties and ultimately bringing that all to a head.

"Ultimately, when a brother says, 'I need you,' everything else takes a back seat. Whether it's vengeance, whether it's money...everything else falls away," Sutter says. "The wounds right now between Jax and Clay are put aside to deal with the crisis at hand, but those wounds will always be present and there will be times in the series when those scabs will be ripped open. But brotherhood and family is more important than that vengeance."

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