'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Public Effigies

Being on a TV show, the HGs are worried about how good they look to the viewers. Some of us definitely have our favorites this season, but there's one special thing that binds them all together - paranoia. With five left in the Big Brother house, there's so much more the spotlight can accommodate.

There's very little left to do for the hamsters. They could all turn into zombies and we wouldn't even notice. It's all small talk for now, and the topic for the day is how they'll be portrayed on television.

The conversation starts off with the guys talking about how this season is the most "hooked up" with prizes. They got plenty of extra cash and one of them even got a trip to Hawaii, so they're certainly grateful. Still, they can't help but wonder if it's all because they manage to pull in ratings. Hmm, anyone care to disagree?

I think one of the main reasons why this season seems like such a big deal is the simple fact that the show's Big Brother. The personalities of the houseguests are sort of a side dish to the whole phenomena. Every year the viewers hope that the new installment tops the previous, but this time it's somewhat of a disappointment. Hey, even Jeff thinks so.

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