Episode 9, BSG is finally back on track

* Contains Spoilers *

After a couple of ho-hum episodes, this latest episode made me remember why I love this show. The space battles were amazing and the musical score in this episode made everything feel that much more epic and grand. The struggle between the cylons and humans felt very real and I wasn't sure if the plan to attack the resurrection hub would go smoothly.

The pacing and tension of the episode was just right and helped explain what happened to the base ship. Episode 8 shipped around a lot and had the focus on too many characters, but this episode fills in the plot very nicely.

Baltar talking to the Centurion was very interesting. I wonder where the writers are going to take this. Baltar leading the cylons? It's not a stretch since I belive that was his role in the original series.

Another great part was when Roslin asked De'ana who the last cylon was and De'ana said something like "You don't know you're a cylon?". The look on Roslin's face was priceless and had me fooled until De'ana started laughing.

The ending was perfect, with Roslin and the Admiral having a nice little moment.

I had my doubts about this final season, but everything looks like its coming around full circle. My faith in this is returning. I hope the writers end this series well.


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