DETROIT 1-8-7 ''Pilot'' Review Episode 1

Finally, the much anticipated, at least by me, pilot episode of DETROIT 1-8-7 made its debut. Detroit 1-8-7 is a Homicide Life on the Street meets a NYPD Blue meets the Office show. Originally intended to be in a documentary style (hence the Office reference), the writers changed it up a bit after getting a bit of flack from the real City of Detroit officials who were concerned with the image of the city as portrayed in the show. It is one thing to have the show entirely fictionalized, I suppose, than have it portrayed as a documentary or “real.” Unfortunately, that left the show a bit stilted. At times it was clear that it was supposed to be in documentary style, like when a witness grunts directly into the camera, but the rest of the time it was shot like a normal show. The combination turned me off a bit. I can only hope that with each new episode, the show will correct itself and find its groove.

Detroit 1-8-7 centers around the homicide division of the City of Detroit Police Department. We are immediately introduced to a slew of characters. Our main guy is Det Louis Fitch (Michael Imperoli), a 10 year veteran, who is a bit antisocial and awkward, but really good at his job. He is paired with Det. Damon Washington on his first day in homicide. Det Washington had the highest conviction rate at his precinct, but spends his first day in homicide bumbling around, throwing up and taking phone calls from his wife who is expecting their first child any minute. Washington set a particular ringtone for his wife and instructed her to only call when she was sure she is in labor. However, since it is her first baby, she is never sure. Thus, Washington gets calls at inopportune moments such as when they are telling a woman her daughter was murdered or when he is apprehending a suspect.

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