Top Chef: Bryan Thought He Was Going to Win

If both Michael and Kevin thought Bryan won Top Chef, did Bryan think so as well? Apparently, yes, the 33-year-old V brother of the deep voice tells us.

"I did at one point too, with the plates I put forth and the comments coming back from the judges' table," he says.

Bryan, who was runner-up to younger and more daring brother Michael on the recently concluded season of Top Chef on Bravo, added both Kevin and Michael, in fact, mentioned their guesses back in the waiting room. Overall, however, he trusts the decision of the judges, as tough and close as it had been.

"I think it was just a tough decision for the judges. I think there were some things Michael did that trumped my dishes which made him the winner."

Throughout the season, comparisons between the two brothers' dishes mainly centered on being experimental (Michael) and being conventional (Bryan), while Kevin's mainly involved superb technique and bacon, even for dessert. As for Bryan, playing safe is not necessarily bad all the time, especially considering the stakes involved.

"I cook for multiple palettes and sometimes I hold back a little bit and use familiar flavors presented in a more modern way," he adds. On the other hand, "Michael sometimes creates new flavors and interesting combinations, which is where he sometimes prevails. But if you fail at that, you can fail pretty horribly."

As reported previously, the whole sibling rivalry played up on Top Chef is but clever editing and acting, since both their post-Top Chef projects revolve around, where their newfound followers will see what they're cooking up next, be it books, recipes, even restaurants.

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