'Top Chef' Reunion: Geek Talk, French Dinners, and More Cars

On this season of Top Chef, much has been said about the following: the sibling rivalry, the predictability of the finale cast, and Kevin's beard. On the reunion show where the cast and judges sat down with Andy Cohen, these things were revisited, and then some.

Foremost on the agenda, and probably the chef-testant who got the most airspace, was Kevin. While he was the odd one out in the final triumvirate, I think it's pretty obvious at this point who the fan favorite is. Early this season, Kevin sat down with a bunch of French culinary legends and on the reunion show, he admitted that he rather cooked for them, not in small part because the French conversations were intimidating him. The what-was-Kevin-thinking subtitles was awesome.

Yet on to the most famous Top Chef brothers: Bryan and Michael's mom revealed that she and the two's father had intended to give their restored 1979 Corvette to whoever brother loses (so one of them must win?). We remember that Michael has won a Prius in the first round of the finale, but there's just no comparing the two, right, outside concerns they're discussing in Copenhagen.

Low point of the evening, or maybe awkward: Robin. Michael actually had some nice things to say, something about Robin washing the dishes and "mothering" which isn't exactly a good thing to say. Eli took the lead, and also apologized for his not-so-nice remarks regarding her bout with cancer. Finally, the two Top Chef people who bonded on "a fat kid level" talked astrophysics, and we are reminded that Kevin had the a choice to go to MIT, which he declined to pursue being a chef.

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