'Big Love' Season 4 Storylines Revealed

Fresh from grabbing their third straight Best Drama Golden Globe nod, HBO polygamy drama Big Love recently announced the riveting storylines that are set to rock Juniper Creek this season that kicks off January 10.

The plotlines for Big Love season four include: the launch of a Mormon-friendly casino with his Native American partners, the changing of the guard at the Juniper Creek compound, Bill's (Bill Paxton) potential candidacy for the Utah state senate, Barb's (Jeanne Tripplehorn) controversial role at the new casino, Nicki's (Chloe Sevigny) stormy relationship with her ex-husband, and Margene's (Ginnifer Goodwin) career as a home shopping personality.

Too much to handle? Not likely, since Big Love's fourth season will have only nine episodes, so expect things to move on pretty quickly. "Free at Last" will open the festivities, and most of these storylines, fortunately, will unravel rather early.

On the season 4 opener, it's a few days before the grand opening of the Blackfoot Magic Casino, and the Henricksons are busy doing last-minute preparations, with the skeptical eye of Tommy Flute (Adam Beach), son of Bill's partner Jerry (Robert Beltran). The feds, of course, are still probing about tsuff in connection to Roman's death.

Early this season, we will also be introduced to the much-ballyhooed love interest for Alby (Matt Ross) - Dale Tomasson (Ben Koldyke), the state-appointed trustee of Juniper Creek's assets. Elsewhere, Adaleen (Mary Kay Place) shares a shocking secret with Nicki, who's under fire for opening a new bank account for Roman.

As for Margene, her home-shopping business is thriving, but she makes an on-air slip-up that has her boss Beverly (Katherine LaNasa) to voice concerns about possible burnout. Finally, Bill and Nicki's erratic ex J.J. Walker (Zeljko Ivanek) work out something to allow Cara Lynn (Cassi Thomson) to stay at the Henricksons while attending high school during the week.

Of course, the battle and aftermath of the bad blood between Bill and dead Roman will also be a reverberating theme of Big Love season 4.

Can't wait for Big Love? You have no choice, until January 10 at least.

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