Top Nine Huddy Moments

9. At Cuddy's door in "Insensitve"

Anytime House is clearly after Cuddy, I know I'll be a content House viewer. This one was particularly funny, with Cuddy stepping forward, literally and metaphorically and asking House point blank if he liked her. I'm a fan of House realizing she was braless and Cuddy admitting to liking sex and asking House if she should stitch a letter on her tops. Any literary reference (The Scarlet Letter) is welcome in my book. Watching House's face as the door closed was disappointing as usual, and again, the viewers sigh, just hoping for the two characters to sack up and admit their feelings for one another.

8. "Let them Eat Cake"

I couldn't even pick a particular scene in this episode. Starting with Cuddy sliding into the elevator, Huddy fans were treated to an entire episode filled with fabulous, angsty scenes. Her wardrobe choices and her clear flirting would be enough for this episode to be great, but then we get the desk House set up for Cuddy from medical school (fans can only speculate on the significance of that one) and the near-miss kiss/boob-grab. Cuddy's vulnerability in this episode to House was about as emotionally open as we get and House managed to sincerely screw things up. Even he's aware of it and as the camera zooms out, we see House's posture and mannerisms change into a slouch and we hear an indecipherable mutter that sounds strikingly similar to an inappropriate word starting with the letter "f." Thank God for that desk.

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