Psych Episode Season 5, Episode 2 Recap: "Feet Don't Kill Me Now"

Gus tap dances and uses his knowledge of pharmaceuticals for the first time in three seasons! Plus, Jules is back on the force, Kurt Fuller returns, and the Dynamic Duo introduces the world to something called JapaDogs. Mmmm. It's a delicious episode full of call backs and classic quips so sidle on over for this week's Psych.

1990. Shawn catches Gus practicing his tap moves, despite Gus' protests that he's playing "board grass." Shawn is not surprisingly disapproving of Gus' love of dance. Maybe it's not the dance, Gus. Maybe Shawn's just protecting you from the disappointment of Mia Michaels.

Present Day. A car is being pulled out of some body of water. Is that supposed to be the Pacific or just a river? Who cares, Juliet is back! Yeah! And Lassie is back to being condescending! Woo...hoo? He gives Juliet a couple bills to go get him a coffee. Oh, and in the process reveals that it was a woman in the car and that she died a horrific death. Lass, you're such a softie.

Shawn and Gus arrive and Lassie tells them to shut their pie holes. "Nothing shuts my pie hole but pie," counters Shawn. Even Lassie can't help but agree with that one.

Just as the car is set down on the bank of the as-yet-unnamed body of water, Buzz and Lassie take us down Exposition Alley, pilfering the woman's wallet and revealing that the victim is named Desiree Blake.

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