MAKE IT OR BREAK IT ''What Are You Made Of?'' Review Season 2, Episode 7

I still find MAKE IT OR BREAK IT an entertaining show with good character development and well written, quick paced stories. In What Are You Made Of?, ten girls are picked for World Team trials at the final National Team practice. Marty (Erik Palladino) makes an appearance as coach again until he stands up to Ellen Beals (Michelle Clunie), who then immediately fires him. But not before Marty has warned Sasha that Ellen is gunning for him, and told Ronnie that he really did love her. I was surprised by the confession; I don̢۪t know what to make of it. Is it closure for the storyline? We know that Rosa Blasi has joined the new TV show Lone Star. What will become of her role on Make It or Break It? I like the parent involvement in the show; I hope it continues. Will Marty be back?

After Ellen kicks out Sasha from the gym and announces herself as coach, she turns on Emily and basically bullies her throughout the entire episode, trying to get her cut. She fawns over Kaylie and Lauren though. Later Chloe catches Ellen with Steve, who again pulls one over on Chloe by saying he was just getting Ellen to support Lauren and Emily. Chloe mentions this to Summer, so the secret is out. We have a mole. Kim (well really Sasha and Summer for Kim) decides to run for President of the Parents̢۪ Board against Steve.

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