Amazing show, movie is for the fans

The show was fantastic when it was really rolling in the 3rd to 7th seasons. The new movie is FOR THE FANS and is not a stand-alone movie that way it should have been. If you've seen the first movie then you know that it also didn't work as a stand-alone movie. BUT SUCH IS THE NATURE OF A MOVIE MADE FROM A TV SHOW. Just look at the Sex and the City movie which made NO SENSE unless you watched the show. The Harry Potter movies are missing huge plot points that tie the books together, and are made for the avid readers!

Honestly, if you were never a fan of the show, why do you want to see the movie? Do you think you are going to get converted to the cult following at the very end of the ride? Take your 10$ and go see Batman.

For all the fans- HOOBOY! This movie is amazing, and we've been waiting forever for this, so lets all enjoy it.


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Aug 3, 2008 1:01PM EDT

If this was to be an extension of the series there is too much left out. The movie was only ok. What happened to Dana's kid? At the end of the series she had this miracle child and they just left him out of the movie. I am glad they put the two of them together finally but what about the baby? You can't pretend it is a follow up without the follow thru. The movie???.... I give it a 3. Better than they said but not as good as it could have been. Yeah I was a little disappointed and I was a follower of the x-files. I was left wanting more.

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