Big Brother 12 Episode Recap: Power of Veto Competition/Ceremony 2

This episode of Big Brother was full of tears. Monet and Britney sobbed over being nominated by Rachel, while Rachel sobbed to Brendon (who we've already seen get emotional a couple times this season) about not being liked by the rest of the house. Meanwhile, Matt showed some fake emotion as he lied to his fellow houseguests about his wife having a rare leg disease. And me? I just cried from laughing at Monet's shoddy math skills. (Sorry, sweetie, but 60 times 60 doesn't equal 1,200). But, by the end of the hour a veto was won and the nominations were changed. So, what went down? Let's find out.

After Rachel's nominations were revealed, Monet and Britney had a little pity party for themselves, which mostly involved them inflating their own goodness while further trash-talking Rachel. They both claim to have been nothing but nice to Rachel, and they feel her nominations are personal rather than strategic. Moments after saying she wanted to punch Rachel in the face, Monet tells Britney, "I've never said anything bad about [Rachel]." At least she realizes the ridiculousness of the statement, and corrects it. "Well, I haven't said anything bad to her." And then Monet calls Rachel a hooker. And later, she refers to her as a "skanky ass bimbo stripper." Britney gets in on the fun, saying STDs go airborne every time Rachel wears a skirt. So nice!

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