Top Chef: Just Desserts Episode Recap: "Glee Club"

Another week, another Seth-fest, another Malika meltdown, another round of tears. And it's only Week 3!

I don't know about everyone out there in TV land, but I'm wary of this edition of the Top Chef franchise. If Top Chef Masters is the spinoff for seasoned veterans, Top Chef: Just Desserts appears to be the spinoff for big babies. It doesn't help that the episodes, for whatever reason, run a long 75 minutes.

This week's elimination challenge - a high school bake sale team competition - brought out the whining in them all. I refuse to believe that most chefs specializing in sweets devolve into bratty toddlers under pressure. I just think this might be another case of the show casting the wrong personalities. (The last, uninspiring season of Top Chef suffered from poor casting choices as well. The Emmy-winning Las Vegas edition, which was full of high-end competitors, seems so long ago now...)

But let's rewind: The episode started with Seth declaring that after half an episode of trying to be a nice guy, the gloves are off. Again. He's in it to win it. The truth is, he is talented, but he's also got what appears to be severe emotional and mental issues, no? (Throw in a whole lot of insecurity and, as an otherwise patient viewer, I'm out! It's too early in the season for this kind of time suck. He's all anyone wants to talk about.)

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