'Project Runway' Hits the beach!

The other night, 'Project Runway' brought out one of its most dreaded weapons: the team challenge.

The designers are taken to the beach where Tim meets them dressed appropriately in sandals and sunglasses. And a blazer. He's trying! They are designing beach wear and Shirin, last week's winner, is automatically a team captain while the rest are chosen through random name pulling.

No sooner have the team captains made their selections than the problems start. Qrystil feels Epperson is treating her like a student so she responds by being passive aggressive. Ra'Mon feels like a target paired with Mitchell, who thinks Ra'Mon picks ugly fabrics. Tim arrives to interrupt the in-fighting to inform the designers that they need to add an "avant garde" look and only one member of each team will go to Mood the next day.

Tim also tells Carol her model took another opportunity and won't be able to be at the fitting, so Carol opts to replace her with an eliminated model. He tells Althea and Louise that their look is adorable. He's less supportive towards Ra'Mon and Mitchell as he looks at their two pieces and states "I feel like I'm in a cartoon with a superhero and a Greek goddess", leading Ra'Mon to scrap his wet suit inspired idea. A decision he comes to regret when Tim checks in on his progress and suggests he may want to "resurrect the scuba suit".

The judges are joined this week by Max Azria, whom I love so much I can barely focus on the runway myself! But I made as many notes I could in the 15 seconds each look was on screen. I need faster fingers, I think.

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