'Supernatural' Season 5, Episode 17 Recap: Five perfect moments of comic relief

So last night, we had an entire town of people - who apparently raided the cargo jacket section of Old Navy - being duped into believing the 'prophesies' of the Whore of Babylon. Dean and Sam of course cracked the case, saving a group of 'sinners' from being burned to death, but not before the boys added another innocent death to their busting-at-the-seams consciences.

One of the saddest moments of the episode (for me, anyway) was when Dean compared their save-the-world-mission to the Titanic. They did a great job of making him appear worn and dejected in this episode, and it broke my heart. To top it all off, Dean abandoned Sam to go do what I think we all hope he won't do. Whatever he's going to do, we know it's big. He even made a stop to say farewell to the apparent love of his life, who we remember from a previous episode. I have nit-picks about that last scene, and I'm anxious to see if you share my frustrations. But let's move on to the happy so I can try to learn how to smile again.

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