Chuck: "Chuck Versus The Honeymooners" Review Season 3, Episode 14

After another brief break, Chuck is back - though in this case (unlike the ill-timed one early this season), this break felt appropriate, coming on the heels of an episode that once upon a time was the season finale, and in which so much changed.

So here we are with the first of six "bonus" episodes of Season 3 and a bit of a moment of truth for the series. The scary thing for any "Will they or won't they?" scenario is what happens after the potential couple becomes an actual couple, and whether the show feels as though it's lacking something as a result, with that tension gone. Well, if "Chuck Versus The Honeymooners" is any indication, the answer is that not only is the show as strong as ever, but the Chuck/Sarah coupling gives the series a fresh boost of energy.

So far, this season has done well with episodes set on vehicles. The plane-based "Chuck Versus First Class" was a terrific episode, and now we have "Honeymooners", which makes great use of its train setting. First off all, we were told, unequivocally that Chuck and Sarah were having lots and lots and lots of sex - and who can complain about that, or about an episode with plenty of Yvonne Strahovski lingerie scenes?

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