Breaking Bad Season 3, Episode 6: "Sunset" Review

"Sunset" was an intense episode, but not in the way you'd think. No one was threatened, no guns were pointed (except in the opening scene, when that poor police officer got the literal axe from the cousins). Hank, suffering from PTSD and all, became obsessive about catching Jesse. As Walt set out to destroy the RV, complete with a bittersweet goodbye, Jesse led Hank right to the RV with both of them in it. I thought maybe this was too cliche for the show. It seemed I dunno, Three Stooges-esque. But no, it's not. It turned out to be a great scene and inched Hank a little closer to Walt. And frankly, I was hooked. How were they going to get out of it?

It was also a reminder of just how many different ways the boys can get ruined: socially, financially, etc. There are so many ways for them to fail.

The guys are helped out by Carl from Billy Madison, who so perfectly set us up to think he wasn't going to destroy the RV correctly and then saved both of them by knowing every inch of the fourth amendment. Hank has to back down and after a little help from Saul, he's runs off scared thinking his wife is dead (real classy move by Saul - though we're not quite sure how much Walt suggested this course of action).

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