'30 Rock' - 'Anna Howard Shaw Day' Recap Season 4, Episode 13

So here we have a Valentine's Day episode of '30 Rock,' where we find Liz without a date, Toofer set up on a date (with an ... urban woman), Frank doing his usual Frank stuff, and Lutz talking to the gang about his girlfriend, who no one believes is real. But he says that he has the proof on his web site.

And the web site is real! He insists that she, too, is real, though the pics show Karens Carpenter, Black, Allen, Walker, and whatever the last name of the girl from 'Frosty The Snowman' is.

Aw, come on. The appearance of Floyd, Dennis, and Drew was only a figment of drugged-out Liz's imagination? That's kind of disappointing. I was hoping we'd have a great scene with the three of them talking to each other about their experiences dating Liz (or maybe even not getting along and fighting over Liz and insulting each other). I wanted more interaction between the three of them, though Jason Sudeikis, Dean Winters, and Jon Hamm impersonating the medical assistants at the end (another hallucination by Liz) was pretty funny. I did enjoy Liz's story this week, as she found out that even a crappy Valentine's Day date is better than not even having someone to drive you home from a root canal procedure.

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