'The Office' - 'Manager and Salesman' Recap Season 6, Episode 16

Can you feel it? The air is cleaner, food tastes better, and the two feet of snow outside my window is a fluffy dream instead of an icy mess.

It seems like the producers of 'The Office' realized things weren't right in their world and they decided to rectify things. And in the process they made one of the more satisfying episodes of the season.

Has the show been completely reset? Not exactly. Jim and Pam are still married and having a kid (as we'll see in the first episode back). But at least now Jim is back to being the smirking, going-nowhere salesman he was at the beginning of the series, albeit making a lot better commissions. He can goof on Dwight again, and look into the camera when things go screwy.

It's the exact antidote to what what was making him a such a tool in the last year or so. Jim in a suit with neat hair, acting like the boss, wasn't working at all. Jim with his tie loose and sleeves rolled up, makin' sales and crackin' wise, is the Jim we love. Hopefully, that's what we'll see, even though now it's a Jim who "knows too much," as it were; he's seen what it's like to manage this bunch, which might change his view a bit.

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Feb 16, 2010 9:12PM EST

I totally agree the office is FINALLY fixing the jim is becoming micheal scott issue which has almost single handedly sucked the comedy out of the show.I loved jim playing pranks on dwight and more recently andy i want that element of the show to return.Interestingly they have yet to fully address if the show will be renewed for next season however with the current situation at nbc the chances of the office not being renewed are remote. I thought the episode was good not great.

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