'The Vampire Diaries' Review: Stefan is a Thief and a Blood Junkie

We've seen Stefan when he's sober and we've also seen him when he's drunk, whether on alcohol or on human blood. But now it's time to really turn the tables on The Vampire Diaries and reveal Stefan for who he really is: a closet blood junkie!

Stefan's a Liar and a Thief

Stefan is still struggling with his human blood addiction and the disturbance he caused in the blood bank just confirms that he really is out of control. What's worse is that he's been lying about it to his girlfriend Elena and his brother Damon, who luckily can see right through him. Stefan isn't pleased about his brother's meddling, especially when Damon spills the beans to Elena and even takes his place as Elena's date at the Founder's Day Gala, where Stefan targets and feeds on his next victim, Amber. Now, he's locked up in the Salvatore basement thanks to Elena's shot of vervain, making room for more Damon-Elena moments.

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