'FlashForward': Is Demetri Dead Yet? Episode 16

Tonight's episode of FlashForward was Demetri-centric, because John Cho tries hard to steal the show even while he's out missing, or facing his doom. On "The Garden of Forking Paths," our FBI team searches for their colleague, who is in extreme danger. He's practically reliving a scene from the Saw franchise thanks to our resident villain.

But Mark (Joseph Fiennes) is already on the case. If we recall, he knows his way around missing people; he found Lloyd Simcoe a while back. The guy's just lucky like that. If only his luck got Dyson Frost behind bars.

While the FBI team prepare themselves for a showdown, Demetri gets to know his captor. Frost is holding him in a room with obscure and intersecting scribbles on the walls, which he calls his very own "Garden of Forking Paths." They all point to flashes of the future, the most important being the March 15 one, since it's happening at that very moment.

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