'Secret Life of the American Teenager' Star Reveals Season 2 Changes

Other than the pregnancy and death that will kick off The Secret Life of The American Teenager's sophomore season, star Ken Baumann tells TV Guide that some "very dramatic changes" will rage on the high-rating ABC Family series. For starters, the 19-year-old who plays Ben Boykewich on the drama says he thinks people won't lose interest just because Amy (Shailene Woodley) has given birth.

"I think everybody has that small concern ... [But] at the same time, life only gets a thousand times more complicated once you have the child. Just reading the scripts, I think they've gotten better since the first season so there will be a lot more drama and excitement."

As to whether his character and Ricky (Daren Kagasoff) will continue to hit it off with season 2, Baumann says don't count on it, as the baby will definitely cause some friction between the two.

"You're not going to get two 15-year-olds who are hunky-dory parenting together in this makeshift family, so it's definitely tumultuous. There's certainly jealousy. There's actually a lot of jealousy. The Ben-Ricky situation gets infinitely more complicated. In Ben's case, he's very optimistic and can be kind of naive. I think Ricky knows full well it's going to be difficult."

Nonetheless, the three parties will try their hardest to "to make it work," it will not "function very well for probably a very long time" and might even result in a "breaking point" that can very well be a breakup. Yet among the three, Baumann admits that it's Ricky who's the most adjusted to the whole parenthood thing.

"Ricky. He's starting to re-evaluate himself and be a good guy. That was kind of alluded to in the finale. By no means is it a fixed situation, but he's going to try to be a good dad. He is probably the most responsible in the way that he's been raised to be the most self-sufficient. He's got his major flaws, but he's probably the best out of the three."

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Jun 26, 2009 7:59PM EDT

I'm more than baffled by this show's success... It's badly scripted, overacted, and cheesy!


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Jun 28, 2009 7:28AM EDT

i truly hope amy breaks up with ben. he's such a sissy! the whole "lets get married when we're 18" thing is soo cheesy and completely unrealistic.

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