Actor Matthew Rhys Hopes to Direct More 'Brothers and Sisters'

Matthew Rhys doesn't only convincingly portray Kevin Walker on Brothers and Sisters, he's also managed to direct a recent episode of the show. He was responsible for handling his fellow actors on "Pregnant Pause," and was truly grateful for the experience. Now, he says he wants more.

Rhys talked to ABC's Marika Cahn about his stint helming the episode, revealing how he came about the job and what he learned from the series' veteran director Ken Olin. The actor did his best to absorb and apply each step, even joking about how the rest of the cast viewed him as their director.

"I've always been interested in directing," Rhys revealed. "[Ken Olin] asked me if I wanted to do it for the show and it went from there."

To get a view of how directing goes, the 35-year-old Welsh star followed around a number of professionals in the field. "Well, the condition was that I would shadow a few directors. So I shadowed Ken, Michael Schultz, Bethany Rooney, etc. to get a feel and try to understand how it all works. And it was really the best way."

He commented on how the crew helped him out a lot, even though the cast didn't quite take it seriously. "The crew is really amazing so it was a very safe way to step into it," Rhys added. "Dave Annable called me "Reshoot Rhys" but on the whole they were very supportive."

With his experience directing, Matthew Rhys continues to hope that he'll get another chance at it. It won't only be episodes of Brothers and Sisters either. "This was a great opportunity to get behind the camera and yes, I'd love to have a crack at directing a small movie," he said. "I'd love to do something like that."

But back to acting, there's no doubt the Kevin and Scotty storyline has the fans excited. Even Matthew Rhys expressed how pleased he was at how things are going.

"It's hard with babies on set, but I enjoy this storyline because it's so layered," Rhys explained. "It holds a few different aspects because it's not a heterosexual couple trying to have a baby. Kevin and Scotty being gay brings another element in, and I think it's good we are raising those kind of questions on the show."

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