90210 2.11 "And Away They Go!" Recap

So the last fifteen to twenty minutes of 90210 was the best of the entire season for me. I don't know any other story arc that took as long to come to completion as the reveal of Jen's backstabbing of Naomi. I nearly jumped out my seat when the bitch got her just deserts. And the Wilson kids are reunited. Yeah! Now let's hope Dixon beat the living hell out of Jasper and send him to whatever institution that is holding The O.C.'s Oliver and Gossip Girl's Georgina Sparks.

The Set Up

Navid wakes up in the hospital to family and friends, but no Adrianna. Awww. But Navid can't remember what happened to him as far as if he fell or if he tripped over his feet.

Naomi leaves the hospital and ends up in the elevator with Liam and Ivy. The conversation is awkward and Ivy gives Naomi the evil eye the entire time.

And where is Adrianna in all this chaos? Drugged. OUT!

She awakes to a gazillion missed phone calls from Naomi, one saying that Jackie was taken to the hospital, the second that Jackie died, and the last informing her of Navid's accident. Can I just go on the record that I am pissed about how they handled Jackie Taylor's death?

Anyway Adrianna jumps out of her bed and throws on some clothes. She reaches for her pills, but trashes them. Good girl!

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