Melrose Place 1.11 "June" Recap

Did anyone think that Melrose finally ramped up the volume on the crazy last night? Well, I sure as hell did! We had a psychotic ex-boyfriend/brother, backstabbing friends, scheming fathers and scheming sons, and the search for what is slowly becoming the Holy Grail for our beloved Amanda Woodward. No not the item that she is looking for, but the reason behind her canoodling with Sydney Andrews in keeping said item. What in God's name could prompt Amanda trust Sydney of all people? I still have scientists and other scientific working on that paradox as we speak. Until we find that answer, how about that recap? Update: I BET I found that answer!!!! Read after the recap!!!!!

The Set Up

Everyone in LA is either getting some lovin', about to get some lovin, or is about to postpone the lovin'. David and Lauren return home from a concert date, but have to end it at the door due to Lauren having to do rounds in the morning. I doubt that, but Ok. Jonah prepares for his first day as an IT analyst for WPK that Ella pulled for him. He and Riley engage in some lovin' after Riley complains about not having a job any more. Michael Mancini returns home to Vanessa, who immediately ruins the foreplay by saying that she found David snooping around again. Michael immediately becomes worried and after he goes outside to check his car and finds Sydney's necklace is missing, he gets angry.

But Michael might have bigger fish to fry. Amanda is back in town and she is hellbent on finding that item and it seems that she has access to every resident of Melrose Place and maybe the entire LA area. She comes across Michael's information and her peripheral is set to "stun". Amanda Woodward with that much damn power? God Help Us All.

Amanda Woodward and the Quest for the Missing Object!

Amanda stops by Michael's place to see if he has any clue of the whereabouts of her secret object. The reunion had a few quibs and I giggle with glee. Amanda reveals that she and Sydney stayed in touch until Syd's murder which, like I said before, bewilders me to no end. Michael doesn't know what Amanda is talking about a directs her to David, who makes it known that he doesn't care too much about any of his dad's past associates. He also tells Amanda, who knows about David's knack for stealing, that he would've helped her if she hadn't accused him of being a thief. Son, don't toy with a snake. Amanda immediately doesn't hesitate to strike and warns David that the police would love to hear about David's part-time hobby. I wonder what does she have on everyone else?

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