BURN NOTICE ''Hard Time'' Review Season 4, Episode 10

In Hard Time, most of the BURN NOTICE cast is secondary to Jeffrey Donavan's lead, Michael Westin, along with Bruce Campbell's Sam. The show opens with Michael's anticipated Simon meet through Vaughn about the coded bible, but he's doesn't get much info, other than a lead in a graveyard. In the main story, a friend of Sam' named Juan in prison has a week to go, but his life's threatened by a gang leader inside. Sam plans to find a way to get in and save him but instead, Michael volunteers since Sam had been followed by gang members on the outside. Michael's FBI 'friends seen in last's week's episode get him in, with a phone planted in his cell. Michael plays the meek guy at first encountering Cruz, who runs the joint. Then, when he figures out they're going to get ambushed, he shows his stuff, taking out a line of tattooed nasty prisoners by goading them into the cell he shares with Juan. But Cruz warns them a riot is coming and people (them) will get hurt and worse. Meanwhile at a cemetery, Sam digs up a coffin with Fiona on hand, but they discover the coffin's boob-trapped. Later, Fi and Michael's mom return to the grave, covered by a big patch of grass and she uses an oil/water combo to get around that and pulls out the material inside, a recording. In the prison, Michael contacts Sam and says they've got to get Juan out ASAP with the help of a guarded being blackmailed by Cruz.

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