New Twilight Eclipse Poster

Another day, another new piece of Twilight Saga: Eclipse excitement for the fans, as a new poster is unveiled online. Two days ago we saw a new Eclipse clip featuring the Volturi, and today it's a shot of the leads looking - you'll never guess - moody.

We like to think that this new, dramatic pose is an homage to Bad Boys, where Michael Bay used endless low-angle camera levels to make people look more badass, but it's probably just an attempt to show that, no matter what angle you take with these kids, they're still really really ridiculously good-looking.

Eclipse, of course, sees Kristen Stewart's Bella still torn between vampire boyf Edward (Robert Pattinson) and wolfy bestie Jacob (Taylor Lautner), only she's got the more pressing concern of an army of super-vamps after her as well. Well, that'd be more pressing for most people; this being Twilight, she'll still take time out to brood, we're saying.

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