24 Episode Recap: 1:00 P.M - 2:00 P.M. Season 8, Episode 22

The last regular hour of 24 finds Jack not only shooting two Secret Service agents, but kidnapping and assaulting a former President. The gloves are off now.

As the hour opens, President Taylor's press secretary is announcing that Secretary of State Ethan Kanin has stepped down for "health reasons," and that President Logan has been such a big help with this whole peace process. Watching from a private room, Logan smiles with self-satisfaction, but his moment of triumph is short-lived.

Pillar calls to tell him that Jack not only killed their Russian sniper, Pavel, but also tortured and gutted him.

"I don't think Bauer is just looking to expose the Russians' involvement in the plot against Hassan," Pillar warns. "This guy's out for blood."

Meanwhile, Jack is sending intrepid reporter Meredith Reed off to her editor with the evidence he procured from Walsh - which seems to indicate he isn't just out for blood, but also for bringing a lot of shady politicians to justice. At least that righteous streak is still in there somewhere.

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