Review: Men of a Certain Age - Go With the Flow Season 1, Episode 6

Who knew Men of a Certain Age had a lighter side? In a rather dramatic -- or actually not so dramatic -- departure from the previous five episodes, "Go With the Flow" showcased a lighter side, and it was much appreciated. As much as I love the series, it's nice to know that these guys aren't just suffering constantly with their various issues and phobias.

Actually, Joe's issues were front and center in this story of his blind date with Sarah Clarke (Nina from 24), but that's a lot of what made it so fun. Actually, the fallout from Joe's issues impacted not only that first date, but also a span of days at work, when an online chat with Dory (Clarke) prior to the date went somehow very wrong for Joe.

As much as I loved all of the goofy situations Joe found himself in throughout this episode, I think I may have enjoyed the table talk between the guys even more. I have to wonder how much of those conversations are scripted and how much is the actors ad-libbing, because there's a genuine quality to them that almost seems impossible to write out word for word.

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