Recap: BIG BROTHER 12 Week 5 Live Eviction/ Week 6 HoH Competition

Well it looks like the houseguests finally came between Rachel and her man. The showmance that has caused strife within the BIG BROTHER house since the first week is no longer a worry, so who will everyone be gunning for now? From the POV competition earlier in the week, we knew that Rachel would be the one evicted but that didn't seem to stop Brendon, Rachel's knight in shining douchebagery for throwing a wrench in the works. His outburst at Britney was supposed to convince the rest of the house to evict him, not Rachel this go around, but apparently the folks in the house wanted to remove actual threats in the house and not just big mouthed losers.

This week was painful to watch because as annoying as Rachel is and as much as her voice has literally chilled my bones, she was a player. This season is missing players, big thinkers and true competitors. What Rachel said a few weeks back that this house was filled with floaters is true. Yes, there is a The Brigade Alliance, but the only thing those dudes have done is kept their alliance secret. And while this is definitely a strength in the house, it was not the Brigade who got Rachel kicked out, it was her own big mouth. And while she is stuck in a jury house, without her best friend, Kathy, Enzo and the others who haven't done a thing other than squeak by are that much closer to the big prize.

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