Review: Fringe - Unearthed Season 2, Episode 11

Ok, first of all, thank God for Twitter. When Charlie Francis showed up in a scene, I immediately turned to my Twitter friends and said, "What the heck?! Someone please explain why Charlie is here when I thought both Good Charlie and Evil Charlie were dead and gone."

About 500 other people were asking the same question, and a few smart ones gave us the answer: It's an unaired episode from season one. That's what they said. I can't confirm or deny, but it makes sense. Doesn't it seem weird, though, to air such an old episode? Why not just put it on the DVD rather than confuse us? Whatever. More after the jump.

A good title for this episode would have been "Walter vs. The Priest." Wasn't that an awesome scene where Walter nearly got into a fist fight with the priest? The whole episode was an interesting intersect between science and faith, not to mention the whole "being possessed by a dead person because your brain waves crossed during life and death" thing. You can tell it was vintage Fringe -- if indeed it was -- because the storylines are more complex than that these days, what with the alternate universe and Leonard Nimoy and all.

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