How I Met Your Mother Season 5, Episode 12: 'Girls vs. Suits' Review - Featured

After I wrote my gushing preview of this episode, I went back and re-watched it, hoping my first impression was correct. It turned out that it was, but for a very different reason than I thought.

The 100th episode of How I Met Your Mother didn't have everything that makes the show such fun for its fans: there was no time-shifting, and not a lot of misdirection. It just told two straight-ahead stories that were really funny and gave us confidence in how things are going to play out going forward.

Oh, and it had a song-and-dance number that was fun as hell.

Let's start with Ted. At the end of this episode, we're as close to the mythical Mother as we've ever gotten. And it we got there in quite an interesting way: he dates a woman who's jealous of her "perfect" roommate. Rachel Bilson did a nice job of playing Cindy, making her vulnerable because of this problem, but not crazy. And it seemed at the start that Cindy could be the mother, when Ted had confiscated beers with her in his classroom, but I'm happy that the magical roommate was brought up right away.

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Jan 13, 2010 1:24AM EST

personally i am a little perturbed by the constant fakeouts with this show i understand the writers reluctance to complete the premise of the title however i feel the show is good enough to continue without the underlying premise it could just as well continue with either barney telling a story robin or marshal and lilly telling a story such as marshall and lillys child or something along those lines understandably these ideas could be a spinoff but despite this i liked the episode i thought it was very funny especially nph hes hilarious with the suits songOne further note ali hannigan has said she would like jennifer anniston to be cast as the mother however their are several problems with that as i see it one her price two she would be seventy when teds telling the story.

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