Henry Thomas, That Kid From 'E.T.', Gets A Guest Role

Remember that kid from E.T.? No, not Drew Barrymore - she's the other kid. The main guy, yeah. Henry Thomas. The kid who found himself with a much deeper connection to an alien lost in this planet. Yep, that guy.

Now I had that out of the way, the new stuff. Entertainment Weekly now reports that he will appear as a guest in an episode of CSI, slated to air this May. It's not a comeback for him: he's never really disappeared from acting, staying active in movies throughout the past decade or so. Then again, his television acting roles are much rare: his first small-screen role popped up only in 2005, and most recently, he took a two-episode story arc in Without a Trace.

For this CSI episode, Thomas will appear as Jeremy Kent, a murderer who was convicted of a crime almost twenty years ago. The person who investigated his case happens to be Catherine (Marg Helgenberger), in what turns out to be her first solo case. Simply put, we'll be given a chance to look back at her origins as a police investigator.

Now, the catch is, Jeremy's been in prison for almost two decades, and along the way he's picked up and learned everything he can about forensics. All of a sudden, he is contesting Catherine's findings back in 1991, perhaps in an aim to get himself free with all that fancy technology and techniques we see the CSI team work with on a weekly basis.

And then all the questions start coming out: did Catherine make a mistake back in her early years? What could this mean for her as a crime investigator? Will it even make any difference? Y ou know, all that stuff. Just in time for May sweeps. Perhaps one definite is, we won't be seeing that alien come to his rescue. Of course, I was kidding.

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