Review: Big Love - Free at Last (season premiere) Season 4, Episode 1

I always figured a show like Big Love would be complicated. It just makes sense. Sometimes having to follow one married couple on screen can wear even the most focused man into a coma, but I had no idea until I sat down and watched my first episode. Mutant onions have less layers.

That's both good and bad. It's fun to watch a show that forces you to sit down and watch it rather than just have it in the background and that's something you'd expect from a pay cable show. You want it to suck you in and force you to plant your pasty butt in the chair in order to keep up with every tense and twisting moment.

It can also move too fast, especially when it has to catch up with lost time. It can easily leave you running to catch up before it slowly disappears down the dusty highway. The only upside is if you find yourself not paying attention, you'll find what you're chasing even if you trip over it in the cloudy barren mist.

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