Review: Survivor Samoa - The First 27 Days Season 19, Episode 11

Oh my. Evil Russell from Survivor looks like some sort of deranged Buddha gone bad in this screen capture from tonight's episode. Tonight, like every Thanksgiving episode, was the clips show boasting previously unseen footage. It's not surprising that they do this each year. With the format of the show, they can't run a real repeat. And, if they were to air a new episode on the holiday, many folks would end up missing it. I'm usually disappointed with the footage shown, but tonight we did have a few surprises and interesting bits -- nothing earth-shattering, mind you.

One surprise for me was that Russell actually admitted his wealth and how he earns his living to Mick. I wasn't aware that he trusted Mick that much. In other footage, he was scheming with Natalie about getting rid of Mick and Jaison, making for a final three of him, Shambo, and Natalie. No matter who he's with, if Russell makes the final two, he should win merely for his gameplay. No one else seems to be constantly playing the game like Russell. Slimy and creepy, but the man knows his Survivor and thinks moves way ahead.

The status of the chicken Shambo lost was updated. Okay, Erik (brave hunter grunt that he is) decided he will be the fierce warrior to capture the errant chicken. In the end, Shambo was the one to get it, albeit using Erik's trap. I think the best thing about this whole segment was the editing as they cut to the caged chicken watching Erik chasing the escaped one -- he looked really concerned! But then, in another segment, Russell in his ongoing quest for chaos, let the chickens out. We haven't seen the repercussions from that yet, but I'm sure we will.

Other than those bits, I wasn't all that impressed with the other segments. Okay, Jaison has issues. He threatened John because John didn't follow the rules in a challenge. Immediately regretting his words, he seems haunted by his own past. Okay, Russell is odd. He took the chance and wore his hidden immunity idol while stalking sleeping castaways and talking with Dave in the dark. Huh? Okay, Shambo is a shambles. But we knew that. Laura did honestly seem to be trying to be nice and in no way did she "intrude on a private moment" with Shambo. Shambo decided to have her "private moment" in front of her. Laura did the only decent thing to do in trying to make her feel better.

I'll be happy when a real episode returns next week. How about you?

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