Review: Nip/Tuck Season 6, Episode 2 - Enigma

Despite being depressing as hell, "Enigma" was still a refreshing episode when compared to last week's light-hearted pseudo-documentary take on Sean and Christian's financial troubles. Nip/Tuck doesn't always focus solely on one of the main characters, but when the show does take that angle, it's often quite good. This episode could have just as easily been called "Sean McNamara II." (The first Sean-centric ep was back in season two.)

Enigma's story was fairly predictable - it almost seemed destined from the second Enigma's parents wanted to change him that he'd end up killing them. However, that he actually went through with it leaves a few questions up in the air. For instance, did the removal of his scars and tattoos really create a so-called lightness in him? Or was he still the same dark individual just putting on his parents while he simmered with resentment on the inside? Or could it be possible that Enigma's light side was even more volatile than his dark side?

Enigma's presence really did bring a darkness to the episode though. The exploration of Sean's insomnia was incredibly well done but it's probably a good thing, plot wise, that his pill addiction seems to have stopped here.

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