Review: Nip/Tuck Season 6, Episode 5 - Abigail Sullivan

I don't really have a ton to say about this episode; suffice to say that it wasn't my favorite. I argued last week that I hoped Teddy's run in with John Doe (I don't think we caught his name) didn't turn into an easy way to end her story and that's exactly what happened. I liked how it played out but only to the extent that it sent Sean off into this delusional "what the hell am I doing with my life" haze. I'll have a lot more respect for what happened in "Abigail Sullivan" as long as the consequences are worth it.

So Teddy's plan backfired. Instead of finding a nice friendly family to chat with (and cement her alibi), in a karmic twist, she picked a fellow serial killer... at least I'm assuming he was a serial killer. For someone who does nothing but take life, it was perhaps a bit too ironic for John Doe to be so giddy when he proclaimed that he had saved Sean's life, but the fact that it led to Sean finding out the truth about Teddy was the saving grace of the whole ordeal.

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