FlashForward Episode Recap: "Countdown" Episode 20

It's 3:23 a.m., April 29, the day of the flash-forwards. Charlie wakes Olivia up, crying. She says that today is that today is the day her dad is going to die.

At 7:26 a.m., Simon is talking to Janis in her apartment. He tells her if the world knows he was awake during the flash-forward, he is a dead man. He wants revenge. Janis tells him they have Hellinger in custody, but Simon says it goes over one man. He wants to get near the accelerator mainframe as Mark tells Demetri that Demetri has a flight to catch, to go to Hawaii and "be alive." Demetri says he wants to marry Zoey, but is hesitant. Mark tells him despite everything that's happened, marrying Olivia was the best thing he did.

Lloyd calls Olivia and wants to be with her tonight. She tells him that Charlie is too upset. At the FBI, Vogel briefs Mark on Hellinger, saying he used the flash-forwards as an investment tool, to put money into websites and then sell them. Wedick tells Mark that Hellinger will only speak to him.

Mark asks Hellinger if he caused the blackout and he tells Mark he has seen today many times, and most times started with the two of them talking together. He draws out a series of paths for the day on a notepad, and tells Mark that in every version of the future, he saw Mark lose control, attack him in the room, and lose everything. He shows Mark the paths and all of them lead to Mark being killed in his office. He begs Mark to let him go. Mark does not believe him, and wants to know how he caused the blackout.

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