Review Lie to Me: Season 2, Episode 1 - The Core of It (season premiere)

Lies! Lies! Lies! Or are they? With the return of Lie to Me comes a whole new batch of poker faces for The Lightman Group to interpret and fortunately for us, the overall vibe of the show is a lot more believable than it used to be. If I'm going to watch a show where the lynch-pin of every episode rests on the ability of Tim Roth's Dr. Cal Lightman to negotiate all the little twists a suspect's face makes, then I better not be able to figure it out myself in the first five minutes. When I recently spoke with Roth, he said the show was a lot better now. He wasn't lying.

Based on just this episode, Lie to Me feels much less like the procedural from last season and has far more in common with a more serialized-ish sorta cop show. Think NYPD Blue or any of the CSI shows. The case of the week still takes forefront, but the behind the scenes character development has increased ten fold. Cal Lightman is a lot more interesting when we know more about him than just his job.

Case of the Week

Let's get this out of the way - I had forgotten Erika Christensen even existed. After her amazing turn in Traffic, she hasn't done much other than the cult hit Swimfan or her part in the forgettable ABC drama Six Degrees. However, she was phenomenal here. Playing the part of Sophie - the core personality of a girl with disassociative identity disorder - she nailed every different persona in her character's head. Jessie the hooker, Trisha the law student, and RJ the mute protector were all brought to life extremely vividly thanks to Christensen. I don't know that it's an Emmy worthy guest turn (though I bet it gets submitted during awards season next year) but it certainly qualifies Christensen to start getting some more higher profile work.

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