'Hell's Kitchen' recap: Blue-eyed girl, Blue-haired boy Season 7, Episode 11

Eons ago, the world was covered in darkness. God had not yet created heaven. Mad Doctor Gordo had not yet created hell. George Washington was still carving America out of Pangaea, using his all-powerful hammer and sickle. Into this shapeless void came a Talking Demon from beyond the beyondest beyond. This demon annoyed the crap out of everyone. No matter how hard you tried, you just could not shut it up. The citizens of Earth (mostly vampires and robo-dinosaurs รข€“ this was about 5 million BCE, long before the dawn of man) banded together to imprison this utterly annoying Talking Demon in the Negative Zone. Unfortunately for the universe, the horrible demon was released in the summer of 2010 to participate in a reality show. (You gotta do something to shake things up in season 7.) The Talking Demon was rechristened Autumn, because Autumn is the most annoying season of the year.

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