American Idol Episode Recap: The Top 10 Women Perform

Before American Idol's 10 female semifinalists took the stage Wednesday night, one big question was on viewers' minds: Would early judge/fan favorite Crystal Bowersox perform? After Bowersox's trip to the hospital Tuesday caused a switcheroo in this week's Idol schedule, the singer/songwriter - calling herself a "tough cookie" - did indeed perform, and she appeared to be in decent health. But how did she and the rest of the pack fare vocally? Let's find out.

I know what I'm about to write is going to earn hatred from a percentage of readers, but I have not become rabid with Bowersox fever. I'm glad she's feeling better, but the producers rearranged the show for her. And then, after a better-than-last-week-but-still-not-mindblowing performance, the judges piled on praise both after her performance and during several other contestants' critiques. Call it Adam Lambert Syndrome. I think she's talented, and, yes, a front-runner, but the judges need to be careful about handing out the trophy just yet.

Crystal Bowersox, "Long As I Can See the Light"

Crystal played to her strengths, and I am glad she lost the harmonica. I was even more proud of her for calling Simon out on his comments last week about the subway, since he of the two-story trailer probably hasn't been near a subway platform in years. As I said above, I liked this much more than the Alanis Morrisette song, and her great voice was fully on display. But all I heard out of the judges was sympathy for her situation rather than criticism of her performance.

Judging the Judges: C Simon and Kara thought she went to a new level and proved what kind of artist she is. I think she's been this artist all along and wonder why they just now took notice.

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